Mandala Yoga Towel - Black with Damask Rose and Mehndi Rose


Double Mandala Yoga Mat Towel will help you find your balance and calm when your practice heats up.
Finding your plank pose filled with anxiety? Our mandalas are specifically designed to help you find peace through intense postures and provide you with a drishti as a point of focus.

High quality, plush Micro Suede towel.
Towel size is 25" X 72" (63.5cm X 183cm)
Made in Canada.

Flower meaning:

Damask Rose;
This rose has been known for centuries as a symbol of beauty, love and devotion. In many biblical tales this rose represents the presence of divinity. This design was strongly influenced by the holy story of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico.

Rose Flower meaning;
Red roses convey deep emotions and symbolize enduring love, passion and courage. One of the more powerful flower symbols, this flower evokes feelings of confidence, strength and bravery.