"Love and compassion" - Mexican moon meditation mat (Giclee art print)

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Round Meditation Mat with mandala centre designed to help you focus and settle into your meditation practice. This beautifully designed, canvas mat will help you create your sacred space.
Rich colour and non-fade inks printed on canvas and acrylic coated for protection. High quality, digitally reproduced, giclee art print from original mixed media artwork showing intricate design details and original brush strokes.
88cm (34.5") diameter.

Mexican moon- a meditation for manifesting love and compassion-
I felt motivated to do this specific manifestation after I returned home from visiting Mexico (where I had once lived and gone to school) and the country was subsequently rocked with a series of deadly earthquakes. I felt helpless not being able to comfort friends that I had recently visited. Prayers didn’t feel like they were enough.

I recently completed my Reiki level 1 so I channelled my energy into creating a visual version of my prayers.
I picked up my paintbrush and began creating with the intention of pouring the love I felt into this design and manifesting healing energy for anything or anyone else in need of love and compassion.

We live in a tumultuous world that needs more love and compassion and the more of those that have light to share, are able to shine, the more we can collectively heal.

The mandala, as a tool for meditation helps ground, connect and instill feelings of peace as you settle into your meditation practice. I have used colours and symbols to help manifest your love and compassion or send some out to someone else, or for the world. The colours and symbols (e.g. 4 hearts, cacti, sun rising, lunar cycle) represent seeds of love, hope, change and growth to manifest into something bigger. Here are some more things about this mat design:
o The moon:
- A full moon represents a time of letting go of what no longer serves you.
- The new moon is a time for new beginnings and manifesting a new path.
- The phases of the moon represent our ever-changing energetic shifts and the inevitable changes that
come with the death of every evening and the dawn of every new day.
o Green foliage represents growth and references our cellular connection to plants and nature. Intertwined,
random and yet completely aligned.
o Flowers are fragile yet resilient and are so amazingly beautiful. They represent growth and surprise us with
their incredible colours and perfectly formed petals.
o Centre mandala flower- medicinal flower
o Yellow marigold flowers- represent the fragility of life and are often used in ceremonies in Mexico.
o Roses represent love, and in Mexico, a damask rose is a spiritual symbol of Guadalupe, a mother of the
o Translucent clouds clearing skies after troubled times. A little darkness in the perfect world.
o Birds represent freedom, taking flight on your dreams
o Monarch butterfly represents change, beauty and determination
o The night sky funnels into the day, while the daylight envelopes the night sky

Consider this design to be a prayer, a wish, a hope for healing. Healing for the sick, the sad, the hurting with the intention of helping build love and compassion to affect the world in a better way. Heal the world and heal yourself. Pay it forward. Our purpose is to love and help one another. Perhaps you will light the way for someone else, or for yourself, to find the way out of darkness.

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Your Giclee print meditation mat is a functional piece of artwork. As you would with your yoga mat or your favourite blanket, keep your meditation mat clean and separate from everything else.

Our Giclee print Mandala Blooms meditation mats are printed with fade resistant inks on heavy-weight canvas. You are purchasing a special piece of artwork and because we know you will become attached to your mat, we want you to enjoy it for a long time. We recommend rolling it up and storing it in a dry place after each use. If you spill something on your mat, it is protected and can be wiped with a damp cloth. Do not let your mat soak in water as this will damage it. If you do use your mat outside, it's best to place on a clean, dry space. Follow these care instructions and your mat will be yours to enjoy for years to come.

Caution: This is NOT a non-slip product. Not for use in areas of excessive activity or foot traffic as product may move or slip. Use of non-slip underlay is recommended. Intended for use as a contemplative aid for meditation. Adult use only.