About us

Mandala Blooms Creative: Art for meditation and mindful living.

Carolyn Trotter is a Vancouver artist who has leveraged her life experiences to launch Mandala Blooms Creative-an initiative committed to the integration of art, personal health and daily mindfulness with the intention of helping people heal. 

Carolyn is excited to share the  benefits that art, meditation and a dedicated yoga practice have brought to her life. Mandala Blooms launched in 2014 with Carolyn's inaugural line of floral meditation mats.

Mandala Blooms was inspired by Carolyn's own journey. No stranger to adversity, she has successfully navigated many of life's challenges-Cancer, divorce, single parenting, work stress and a parent with dementia, to name a few-and has quickly learned the keys to success lie firmly in how we react. 

Her secrets: yoga and meditation. Both practices have enabled Carolyn to stay focused on the things that matter-and emerge from each challenge fully intact, with new purpose and perspective. 

Over the years, one of Carolyn's greatest discoveries was her personal desire to help people heal through difficult times. Through MandalaBlooms.com, she is able to share a healing resource that combines both her talent and experience. 

About Mandala Blooms Meditation Mats:

Meditation does not have to be a religious or spiritual practice, but it can enhance one. Science continues to prove the many health benefits of meditation, yet it still remains difficult for most people to find the time and space to meditate. 

One of the simplest ways to focus in meditation is to use imagery and sound to soothe the mind. Our floral meditation mats with mandala centres are designed to provide you with your own sacred centrepiece and serene space. Sit wherever you are and find the balance and perspective to whole-heartedly accept life's challenges. 

Our wish for you is this: May you grow to your potential, love with a peaceful heart and affect the world in a positive way by living mindfully with awareness and compassion. 

About Carolyn Trotter:

Carolyn Trotter is an artist and meditation advocate living in Vancouver, BC. She received a Diploma in Art in Merchandising from Langara College and has studied graphic design, printmaking, sacred geometry, technical illustration, interior design and visual marketing in both Canada and Mexico.