Meditation for every season

Prescription for holiday well-being:

Breathe. Five minutes, twice daily with occasional one-minute intervals as needed. When we breathe deeply (even if it's just for a minute) it lets our body know that we are OK.

  1. Start your day with a dose of five minutes of deliberate breathing. Before your feet hit the floor as you get out bed sit for five minutes. Breathe deep, slow inhales and exhales. This will calm your nervous system and will help wake you up feeling peaceful and energized. 
  2. One-minute intervals (taken as needed). As we rush through our days with so many details to care of, we often don't stop to think, eat or even breathe. When we feel overwhelmed we often push through and move to the next item on our list all in the name of producing. This can take a toll on the body as it reacts by releasing the stress hormone Cortisol which has been proven to lead to illness after prolonged periods of time. Take a minute now and again to put everything in check through your breath. 
  3. End your day with another dose of five minutes of deliberate breathing plus gratitude. Before your head hits the pillow and you nestle in for the night sit on the edge of your bed. Breathe like you did in the morning, matching your inhale and exhale. Find something or someone to be grateful for (the sun, the moon, a neighbour, a kind stranger) and thank them mentally. 

Repeat daily for renewed peace of mind.