How to use your meditation mat

Choose to meditate wherever you can be easily comfortable. Find a a quiet space to sit and place the meditation mat on the floor in front of you. Most people use a meditation cushion or bolster to help them sit for long periods of time. If you use crystals, incense  or candles in your practice you can place these on or around your mat to enhance your sacred space.

Here are two ways you can sit with your meditation mat. 

  1. Seated at the edge of the mat using the mandala as a focal point for your gaze. Continue your meditation with your eyes open and a soft gaze toward the mandala. As your meditation progresses your eyelids may feel heavy and you may want to close your eyes. You can continue your meditation with your eyes closed and you find your thoughts taking over you can open your eyes, focus on the mandala centre again and come back to your breath. You can repeat this process throughout your meditation. 
  2. Seated in the centre of the mat with the mandala underneath you as your centre point. This will create an energy centre for your meditation. You can choose to practice with your eyes closed if you are seated on the mat.