What is a Mandala and how can it help me?

Simply translated, mandala means "circle". Throughout history and in many cultures, wheels or circles have been used to help the mind concentrate and provide spiritual connection. A mandala in meditation can help provide focus, deeper relaxation and spiritual connection. 

A mandala is a spiritual symbol used mainly by those in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. In Sanskrit, the language of Yoga, the mandala represents connection to life energy or "source". The symbolism of the cycle of life and its permanence in the impermanence is represented through the mandala. The exterior edge of the pattern represents our attachments to the exterior world (e.g., our relationships, expectations and attachments we hold in our daily lives). The centre of the mandala represents the purest energy of life, free of all exterior world attachments. 

Mandalas are inherently found in nature in forms such as seashells, birds' nests, fruits and flowers. We like to design using the flower as it symbolizes growth and spiritual development while providing you with a meditation"tool" and establishing a special environment for your practice. 

Our mandala designs create a sacred space for your meditation and yoga practice and inspire mindful day-to-day living.