"Support and honour"- Magnolia Archival Paper Print (unframed)


Life is busy and some days we need a reminder to breathe and slow down. Our Mandala Blooms prints are designed just for that. Rushing to get out the door? Lost your car keys? Late picking up the kids? These are the moments in life that can get away from us and build stress. Let our prints centre you and bring you back to peace so you can live mindfully and affect the world in a positive way.

Digitally reproduced from original mixed media artwork showing intricate design details and original brush strokes. Printed on premium grade paper with highly pigmented and non-fade inks. Trimmed square to 12" X 12" (30.5cm X 30.5cm) or 18" X 18" (45.7cm X 45.7cm) ready to frame.

Magnolia Flower Meaning;
The white Magnolia flower symbolizes purity, beauty and perseverance, and is often associated with nobility; noble character, greatness of mind, and the strength within us that is comes from our ancestral history and is the basis of our spiritual foundation.

The Sanskrit word for “noble or awakened heart” is Bodhichitta. To quote Pema Chodron, “It is said that in difficult times, it is only Bodhichitta that heals. When inspiration has become hidden, when we feel ready to give up, this is the time when healing can be found in the tenderness of pain itself.”

The magnolia design reminds you to honour your past to help you find the courage to see the Bodhichitta in small, every day moments. Connecting with your ancestors through meditation can help identify patterns that no longer serve you and give you the strength to let go of limiting beliefs.

When I created this design, I was living in a house with a large magnolia tree in the front yard. It bloomed for most of the year with giant, white fragrant flowers. While initially being inspired just by the blooms, through my meditations, the connection with my Polish/Ukrainian ancestors intensified. I felt very supported by my ancestors, many that I’d never met. The sensation that they were there with me, standing by my side, was beautiful. And then, during a constellation exercise, my grandmother (who had passed away when I was a teen) came to me with words of love and encouragement through another workshop participant.

These experiences influenced this design, and in particular, the intricate “flowery lace” pattern around the mandala, which is reminiscent of the hand-painted Ukrainian eggs that adorned the shelves of my grandmother’s home.

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