"Support and honour"- Magnolia Archival Paper Print (unframed)

$38.00 CAD

Life is busy and some days we need a reminder to breathe and slow down. Our Mandala Blooms prints are designed just for that. Rushing to get out the door? Lost your car keys? Late picking up the kids? These are the moments in life that can get away from us and build stress. Let our prints centre you and bring you back to peace so you can live mindfully and affect the world in a positive way.

Digitally reproduced from original mixed media artwork showing intricate design details and original brush strokes. Printed on premium grade paper with highly pigmented and non-fade inks. Trimmed square to 12" X 12" (30.5cm X 30.5cm) or 18" X 18" (45.7cm X 45.7cm) ready to frame.

About this design:
The white Magnolia flower symbolizes purity, beauty and perseverance and is often associated with nobility and dignity. Magnolia flowers represent a strong spirit, courage, and faith in the face of adversity. As such, magnolia flowers are often seen as a reminder to honour oneself and remain steadfast in times of difficulty.

This design was inspired by a large magnolia tree in the front yard of my family’s home. The flowers bloomed giant, white, and fragrant. During the time I was painting this design, I found a deep connection with my family and ancestors through my meditation practice. In particular, with my Polish/Ukrainian grandmother who had passed away when I was a teen. The strong presence of my ancestors provided me with an immense level of support, which led me to a deeper exploration and understanding of my family history. In this design, the intricate lace pattern around the mandala is reminiscent of the hand-painted Ukrainian eggs that adorned the shelves of my grandmother’s home.

I hope the presence of the magnolia mandala in your sacred space provides support, strength, and courage to persevere through difficult times.

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