Mandala Scarf - Yellow Mehndi Daisy

$38.00 CAD

Take your favourite mandala energy with you all day long! This essential soft and lightweight printed mandala scarf is versatile with so many ways to wear and use. Try wrapping around your neck, in your hair or even tie around your favourite bag handle or belt loop for a little extra colour. Alternatively you can use this for meditation, an altar cloth, or a special wrap for your angel cards or special item.

About this design:
This is our happiest design. The Daisy flower represents innocence and hope and has long been appreciated for its simple beauty. With it's yellow petals and pink lotus flower centre, this delicate, happy flower will evoke feelings of optimism, patience and purity.

20" X 20", 80% cotton/20% silk
Dry clean only. Designed in Vancouver BC, Printed in India