Peace Merkaba scarf- for collective healing

$38.00 CAD

Take your favourite mandala energy with you all day long! This essential soft and lightweight printed mandala scarf is versatile with so many ways to wear and use. Try wrapping around your neck, in your hair or even tie around your favourite bag handle or belt loop for a little extra colour. Alternatively you can use this for meditation, an altar cloth, or a special wrap for your angel cards or special item.

About this design:
This design is a prayer for peace and collective healing. The centre of this design features the sacred geometry symbol of the Merkaba (or Merkabah)–A symbol used across cultures and religions, both ancient and modern; it represents light and spirit, and protects consciousness in transit to other dimensions. This symbol comprises two tetrahedrons pointed in opposite directions but joined on a single axis, representing a balance of opposing energies; feminine and masculine, earth and sky, much like a Yin/Yang symbol. The Merkaba is a powerful protection tool and can support the activation of the third eye.

In this design the Merkaba in the centre circle represents the earth and the universe. It contains a sheltered universal sky with stars, the phases of the moon, and ocean waves.

The eye in the centre of the Merkaba is a symbol of wisdom, focus and clarity. It’s a reminder that the awareness we seek is within ourselves.

The dove is a creature of both earth and sky, and represents peace. The flowers, leaves, butterflies, and snail are components of our delicate eco-system and symbolize our earth's balance and interconnectedness. Butterflies represent change. Snails are associated with wisdom, persistence, patience, peace, self-care, and harmony.

Meditating with the Merkaba provides protection on our journey to conscious awakening, enables us to reach our highest potential and spread compassion to help heal our communities close to home and beyond.

20" X 20", 80% cotton/20% silk
Dry clean only. Designed in Vancouver BC, Printed in India

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